Founded in 2021 The Horse is an artist run contemporary art space in Dublin. Seeking to provide a platform for emerging, experimental and underrepresented art practitioners.
For viewings please make an appointment
Predictive Programming: Process(ion) of Voids and Mental Remnants (2013-2022)
Alan S. Tofighi
May 12th-June5th 2022
The Drip
Smart Ris
Feb10th-March17th 2022
Gavin Mottram
March31st-April14th 2022
Outlaws In The Pleasure Garden
Outlaws - Ned Stasio, Yaloo, Annapurna Kumar, Yang, Bradley Krebs
Gardeners - Zhuoyun Chen, Jacob Schpall, Niels Bugge
October22nd-December5th 2021 
Dynamic Power I
Katie Holten, Cynthia Madansky, Matthew Wilkinson
September16th-October16th 2021